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2 Year International Certification Training starting in 2018

We are excited about our new Learning Spaces, which we will introduce soon! You can design your own personal learning journey through the spaces, each

Our students raise money for co-learners from disadvantaged countries for our Barcelona Intensive

We are so touched by our student community who have created a crowdfunding project to raise 30,000 US $ in travel funds for our co-learners from curre

Most "liked" FB page 2015 - Our experiences in our workshop in Nairobi

this is the fb page post that was most liked up to now in 2015: Wonderful learning experiences here in Nairobi in our "Kiss the Frog" Semin


New 2 Year Certification Program Around the World

2nd Module in Kyiv will be held on May 18-20, 2018

"Conflicts and Personal Growth". Learn more and register.

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Working Together



DDI Ukraine. Network of Leaders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Deep Democracy Institute is building with you a professional leadership network throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. You can join our trainings, centered in Kyiv, Ukraine, with events located throughout the region. You can also join our online list to network with other leaders and facilitators. Our main goal is to train and network with leaders that are interested in a facilitative approach to leadership. This means focusing on processes and solutions that include all stakeholders in organizations, as well as regional collaboration.

If you live in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, or the Baltic countries, please inquire about special seminar tuition prices for participants that travel. This also applies if you live in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, South Ossetia or Ingushetia, Tajikistan, or Uzbekistan. If you are interested in having one or a team of our facilitators come to your company, community or region to work with your organization or present a training program, please contact us at

Stay up to date with projects of the Deep Democracy Institute and subscribe to our blog. Just look on the left of our blog for the link "Russian language blog" and you can see all contributions that are written in Russian. Also, please join our DDI International and DDI Ukraine Facebook pages below.



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