Deep Democracy Institute

Kyiv, June 2-4, 2017

Join us for our upcoming Deep Democracy Workshop!

Dr. Ellen Schupbach

Agility 2.0: Beginner's Mind and Deep Democracy


Mushin, a Japanese word best translated as no-mind or free mind, is a state of flow in which purpose expresses itself freely without hesitation, judgment, or discursive thought. The trained martial artist, the master surfer, the meditator, the sports champion all know and understand this special state of mind (also known as "the zone").

Beginner’s mind is the freedom to unhesitatingly follow purpose as it unfolds in this space and time, dropping techniques and skills, naturally discovering the path of least effort.

In this seminar, we would like to practice together with you how to find your own mushin - the basis for a new deep agility with flexibility to adapt and assistance to get out of the way for your deep purpose in life and leadership to take form.


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For people connected to Ukrainian economy is 3500 UAH if paid before May 15, and 4200 UAH if paid after May 15. For people connected to the world economy the fee is 350 USD. Please inquire about the working scholarships, we have 2 opportunities every seminar. Thanks and see you soon!


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