Deep Democracy Institute

Business Clinic - June 16, 6-8pm, Kyiv

Case consultation with Dr. Max Schupbach from the Deep Democracy Institute USA and Ukraine.

In partnership with DELO newspaper and Chasopys creative space.

On June 16, 2014, 18:00-20:00 in Kyiv recognized practitioner on leadership development in the world, expert on facilitating conflict resolution, coach and consultant for hundreds of companies in Fortune 500 (including Microsoft, Apple, UBS), Max Schupbach, the President of Deep Democracy Institute International, will run a meeting aimed to discover solutions for 3 real-time business cases in depth, and then answer questions.

Deep Democracy is a special principle, that uses the fact that our mindset is a decisive factor in not only how we perceive problems and the "reality" of their context, but also how we solve it to assist you in finding brand new solutions to your leadership and business development challenges.

Deep Democracy adds additional dimensions to traditional business thinking and allows new and creative solutions to old and chronic problems. 

Address: Chasopys creative space at 3, Lva Tolstogo St.

Participation fee: 300 UAH (before June 1) and 350 UAH (after June 2).

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