Deep Democracy Institute



October 15, 2019 - October 22, 2019


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

Come and discover together the natural flow of evolution hidden behind polarizations and conflicts. Learn to use your eldership, the ability to hold and facilitate hotspots and co-create natural dialogue spaces by developing a deep understanding of the processes of diverse, often highly polarized parties. Practice using your awareness to notice and frame the natural occurrence of unity present in every system, understand different phases in short- and long-term consensus forming processes, and work with groups in each of these phases.

The personal development of the facilitator receives the same amount of focus in our Intensives as does the practice of group facilitation. Fluidity in your inner work and accuracy in your group work are closely connected prerequisites for impactful facilitation and leadership. Eldership, your personal development in relationship to the whole, and Deep Democracy practices, the discovery and facilitation of hidden force lines that organize communities - and conflicts - can be learned as a standalone approach for coaching, facilitation and leadership, or as an addition and enhancement to your own facilitation and leadership approach.

Join over 100 co-learners from every continent for our annual 8-day Intensive, this year in Bangkok, Thailand. 


English with volunteer headset translation into Arabic, Russian and Thai.


Intensive Coordination, Registration, Travel and Lodging Support and all questions

Phone: +31 (10) 8928557 

Fax: skype: intensive-ddi



October 15 2019 10:00 AM

October 22 2019 01:00 PM


Thai Health Fund Centre HQ, Bangkok Thailand

99/8 Soi NgamdupleeThungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120


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