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DDI Ukraine Learning Path

The concept “Training Program” does not sufficiently describe the breadth and depth of learning opportunities that Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine has to offer. We prefer the concept "Learning Path" and our training focuses on helping people in facilitating their own learning. Our format focuses on facilitating the discovery of your own program structure.

In a dynamic process, you create your learning path within the parameters of these four elements

Learning Path

Your own individual learning path will lead you to develop your competencies in process-oriented leadership, which include all the areas below. According to your interest, you might want to emphasize one specialization. 

Specializations Include

  • Process-oriented Coaching
  • Process-oriented Facilitation
  • Process-oriented Change Management
  • Process-oriented Conflict Resolution

Choose Between 3 Levels of Mastery 

  • Certification
  • Advanced Certification with Project Demonstrating Excellence
  • Process-oriented leadership Diploma

Where do you learn?

According to your particular interests, resources, and learning path, you can study at one of our locations (Regional Programs), some of them, or all of them. 

Because our certifications are competency based, you can also do part of your training with other IAPOP affiliated programs.

Here are some of the regions and cities in which we train: San Francisco + Nairobi + Amsterdam + Moscow + Portland + Palestine + Valencia + Kyiv + Kazakhstan + Paris + Hanoi.

How much does it cost? 

You “pay as you go” on an individual basis, for seminars and sessions. They are priced for average executive training and coaching, adapted to the currency and financial reality of the region. The total costs will depend on the specifics of your own learning path. Look at some possible estimates in our detailed description.

This is our training at-a-glance. If you are interested in learning more, please read more details in the pages on this site, or download the entire document as a PDF. The information outlines the dynamical study process, the ideas behind it, and the many options that you have.

Who can join the certification process?

We have given public training events for many years. Since the foundation of the Deep Democracy Institute in 2006, a number of participants have returned for more study. We feel honored by that. They gave us the idea to frame what we do as possible certification paths. We are a small team and for quality management purposes, we like to keep our student numbers small. Please inquire about the current possibilities of joining the certification path. However, all our seminars are open to everyone, since our training is competency based, you will be able to use prior learning for your certification if you decide to join later.

For more information, or to speak with one of our learning advisers, please write to or

Please watch our Certification Tracks Videoclips

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