Deep Democracy Institute

Ukrainian training programs in process oriented coaching, group facilitation and leadership development

I.    Introduction

Leadership is a concept that is often still thought of in terms of the actions of specific individuals who rule or guide others. We at the Deep Democracy Institute define modern leadership as a body of rational, emotional and spiritual competencies that pertain to all individuals and teams of an organization. As our network and interests become more globalized, so must our style of leadership. Leadership today means possessing the skills and methods to motivate, encourage, include, and interact with a diverse workforce and a diverse world. This requires a completely different style of leadership that inspires instead of commands, facilitates rather than instructs, and empowers but does not dominate. First and foremost, the new leader model learning and collaboration across all levels of the organization.
Our First Year Coaching Program teaches the skills to develop personal and professional leadership, and enables and empowers the individual to model and lead these new attitudes and skills, and coach others in developing them.
Our Second Year Group Facilitation and leadership course trains participants to bring out the best in teams and organizations by using diversity, inclusion, and consensus building to involve whole teams and organizations in strategic directions. Graduates of this year-long course  will be masters  in group conflict management.
 Our Third Year Process Oriented Organizational and Business Development Program teaches leadership methods that show how to integrate new coaching and facilitation skills to develop mid-term and long-term strategic  goals that can assist organizations to become high-impact players in the global arena. These methods  can be applied for Ukrainian businesses and government branches  as well as for teams in organizations, and for individual professionals of all backgrounds.

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