Deep Democracy Institute

Kyiv, April 18, 7-9pm, 2019

Join us for our upcoming Public Open Forum in Kyiv!


We, Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine (DDI Ukraine) and the global think tank DDI International, in conjunction with our partners Ukrainian Institute for the Future and Hromadske Radio, would like to invite you to a Public Open Forum in Kyiv on the topic of corruption in Ukraine.

The Open Forum starts out with 3 speakers on the above topic, each presenting a 5 min perspective representing one of the positions. This brings a possible beginning understanding of different voices in the room. The discussion is facilitated by members of the Deep Democracy Institute, who specialize in facilitating conversations in the public space. Open forums are meant to create a space in which diverse communities and viewpoints can interact with one another and share views in a candid exchange, including those beyond political correctness. Many Open Forums are used spontaneously to create action groups, initiatives or are visited by government people and representatives of stakeholder in the topic, who use the insights to improve policies and initiatives.

Yuliya Filippovska, Kyiv, Anton Yermolenko, Kyiv, Ellen and Max Schupbach, USA

Languages spoken in Forum:
Ukrainian, Russian, English. There will be translation. 

Admission is free. Everyone is welcome please rsvp to make our venue management easier. Email:
Venue address:
65 Honchara St., 6th floor 

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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